VTwin Custom Rotor Order Quotation Request


ORDER INFORMATION: Please provide clear and detailed information so we may be able to properly quote on the project and provide you with the exceptional product that you expect.

NOTE: This is the starting point to designing a custom rotor. The design features for the selected part number will automatically apply. Customizing options include blade type and size, carrier color, and button color. *Check the specs of your wheel type to confirm correct blade type and sizing before finalizing your order.

Customizing Options

Choose One Blade / One Carrier Color / One Button Color

Blade Type & Size(Required)

ATTN: Wide band rotors = OEM Calipers
Narrow band rotors = Brembo, Beringer, Nissin Calipers

Carrier Color(Required)

Button Color(Required)

SUBMISSION: Quotation requests can be submitted to: sales@galferusa.com

Contact Information


For Quotation Only, Contact Customer Service To Place Order.

SUBMISSION: Quotation requests can be submitted to: sales@galferusa.com

TERMS: All custom orders are final. No exchange or returns allowed. Pre-payment required on all special orders and standard shipping charges will apply.

DELIVER: Upon approval of quotation and confirmation of order, the rotor is assembled and shipped from our office in Nevada. All up to two weeks for order confirmation.